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Client Name Job Descripton
Department of Horticulture, Haryana
for E-governance System for on-line request processing for release of subsidy/ license to farmers

The department is a nodal agency in Haryana for implementing National Mission of Micro Irrigation sponsored by Govt. of India. Under this scheme a farmer can avail subsidy of upto 80% for installation of micro irrigation plants. The department is also issuing licenses for Nurseries, Seed Distribution in the state.


1. On-line submission of application by farmers/ registered vendors.
2. On-line verification by District Horticulture Department .
3. Computation of eligible subsidy based on crop, area and irrigation type
4. Integrated workflow and dash-board for entire approval process.

Monitoring of Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres (NRCs) in Uttar Pradesh

Under National Rural Health Mission, twenty six Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres (NRCs) have been established in Uttar Pradesh to cater to severely malnutrition cases in children. These NRCs have a capacity of about 20 beds to admit such cases for 2-3 weeks. During this period they are treated and closely monitored till they attain minimum required health indicators.


1. On-line system for capturing complete history of treated cases - from admission, treatment to discharge and follow-up.
2. Graphical presentation of vital parameters.
3. Statistical analysis of output indicators.
4. SMS alters for child parents and gram pradhan/ Asha workers for follow-up visit .
5. State level monitoring of all NRCs.

Lucknow Jal Sansthan

Lucknow Jal Sansthan is state owned body responsible for providing water and sewer services to all residents of Lucknow Urban residents. It had planned to put up a public grievances system to ensure faster redressal of public complaints related to water supply and sewerage. Prosix designed and implemented a web-enabled system for filing and tracking of such pubic grievances.


1. The system had a public interface for filing and tracking of complaint status. It had a JE interface where the JE of concerned ward may take up the complaints filed for his area. It had an administrator interface where the govt. officials may monitor the effectiveness of program implementation.
2. The system provides extensive MIS on pendency of complaints – area wise, age wise, officer wise etc.

Electronic Receipt System
for Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd., New Delhi

MTNL is a leading telecom service provider operating in New Delhi and Mumbai. Prosix developed and implemented ‘Electronic Receipt System (ERS)’ to issue an authentic receipt of money to consumers of MTNL, New Delhi


1. The system generates about ten thousand receipts every day, signed with Digital Signatures of MTNL. The receipts are created from the database of daily receipts made through drop boxes all over Delhi.
2. The receipts are dispatched to customers on their e-mails through SMTP server. An archived copy of receipt is also made available on the web site.
3. Generate extensive MIS and control reports
4. Accurate, fast and low cost of delivery saves manual effort by automation.

Web Enabled Management Information System
for MIS for effective implementation of Child Development Schemes

The department of ‘Bal Vikas evam Pushtahar Nideshalya’ was formed in 1989 for integrated development of children and women in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The department operates through more than hundred thousands Anganwari Kendra (AWC) spread over 725 blocks of the state. The purpose of the proposed application software is to facilitate the monitoring and resource planning for various schemes running in the department.


  1. Monitoring of ten different welfare schemes through 725 block offices spread over Uttar Pradesh.
  2. Web based on-line system to facilitate entry by all the project units.
    project units.
  3. Reports on key performance indicators (KPI)
  4. Facilitating Top Management in taking corrective action.