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Software Assignment

Client Name Job Descripton
Project Management Unit, SWAJAL, U.P.

Assignment Name:

Technical Assistance for Software Development of PMU


U.P. Govt. has initiated this project with a vision to manage Human Resources development function of Govt. of U.P. on objective criteria, based on an accurate and timely computerized database of employees, for supporting its governance and Public Sector Reforms effort. Prosix prepared a parameter driven decision support system for forecasting the HR requirements for next twenty years.


The Decision Support System is based on the database of over five lacs state govt. employees.
After initial data preparation, the database was hosted on a web server for regular updation.
This DDS projects requirement and recruitment in next 20 years and their financial implication based on projected salary raises and retirements taking place.

Research Designs & Standards Organization (Ministry of Railways)

Assignment Name:

Financial MIS, Payroll & other software - Year2000 compliance and conversion from VAX/VMS/COBOL platform to SGI/IRIX/ 6.4/MF-COBOL


Research Designs & Standards Organization (RDSO) was using Financial MIS, Payroll & other software on Mainframe computers in COBOL. In the year 1998, it was found that the application was not Y2K compliant. They decided to make the application Y2K compliant and to upgrade the application to new version of COBOL.


New modules were developed on MIS pertaining to allotment of houses
Data porting was also carried out for the entire application.
Entire assignment was completed before stipulated target date.